CEO (Canine Executive Officer) Marty

Since accepting my role at The Long Leash, many people have asked what I, a mere canine, could possibly do all day to help. There has been a scandalous suggestion that since I walk on four rather than two, I couldn’t possibly contribute in any useful way. I’d like to respond to these allegations. My day begins with a long commute from bedroom floor to kitchen. After saying hello to everyone, I like to make sure the office is ready for the day’s duties. I check and freshen the carpets by sniffing, rolling, and generally making sure they have my wisdomness everywhere. If there are bits of breakfast that have fallen on the floor and need picking up, I’ll help. I play a pivotal part in morale and put everyone at ease.



Animals connect to us, when we are ready to receive. My former career as a social worker has taught me that being aware and observant, without conditions, is the foundation for beautiful relationships to unfold. The Long Leash is the avenue by which great love is shared exponentially – with each pet we serve, and by normalizing compassion for all sentient beings.



Animals are great mentors because they are present and honest. My former career as a photographer taught me to prepare for amazingness and to be ready to respond when it happens. Transferred to the animals, I have found my happy place.



When I began dog walking I never could have imagined how such a simple activity would imbed me in the communities that we serve. The animals have taught me to be open and available to everyone I cross paths with, whether it is a daily greeting to Kathy at the bus stop, or letting a small child pet one of my “woof-woof” friends. As part of The Long Leash team, I enjoy knowing your neighbors and friends look forward to seeing me and your four-legged family members on a daily basis.



As a high school teacher, the most important element in a successful classroom is rapport. The same holds true with dogs. Once you’ve established solid and loving relationships with the dogs, the sky is the limit. The most important thing I’ve learned from animals is to always seek joy and humor in the present moment. A spirit of playfulness adds so much to life. As a member of The Long Leash team, it is such a privilege to be included in the daily lives of our clients.  I’m honored to be trusted with the care of these beloved animals.  How amazing is that!



Growing up in rural Kentucky, I was always surrounded by animals. We had dogs and horses and our neighbors owned chickens, roosters, cows and goats. I learned from animals to keep it simple, be direct and consistent. Animals basically just need kindness. I love working with The Long Leash team because I have discovered my soul sisters in all things animal.



As an editor and photographer, I have an eye for physical expression, helping me to better understand the non-verbal cues animals give. Working with animals has taught me to be present and peaceful.The best part of working with the Long Leash team is enriching the lives of the animals in our care.

The Long Leash team is awesome! Our rescue Quincy LOVES his daily walks and playtime. Thanks to The Long Leash team, he has come out of his shell and gained confidence. We also like that continuous education is important to the team, ranging from nose-work to vet-training. We are fortunate that we found Leanne years ago. She provided love and care for Mr. H, our beagle, who we lost to cancer. She was incredibly supportive and compassionate. Their hearts are in this for our furry friends!

– Carola and David with Quincy

I have recommended and will continue to recommend The Long Leash with utmost confidence to friends, clients and occasionally to total strangers in need of care for their furry beloved. If you are anything like me, an over-the-top dog mom for your fur baby, nothing but the best will do. You will find the team’s warmth, consideration and attentiveness to your pet (and you!) utterly reassuring. Leaving your pet in their care is second only to never leaving home in the first place.

– Dana with Bootsy, Pasadena