Prepare to be welcomed home by a tired, very happy dog!

  • 30-minute dog walks $23
  • 60-minute dog walks $32

Your dog will enjoy one-on-one individual walks through the neighborhood, on leash.

We keep on the move, having fun, positively reinforcing basic manners, or simply supervising sniff time. We enjoy keeping in close contact with you, offering email or text walk reports, and GPS tracking for your peace of mind.

To build a meaningful relationship with your pet, while ensuring you receive optimal benefit at home, we require dogs to walk with us twice per week minimum. Though exercise is not a cure-all for behavior issues, well-exercised dogs are less likely to expend their energy by chewing and barking. Your dog will have so much fun!


It’s time for adventure! Your dog will explore beautiful nearby trails with up to five dog friends. We will adventure to carefully chosen, secluded hiking spots, where the group will socialize and explore under close supervision. The result? Safety and fun!

  • Group hikes $32

Stimulating hikes are supervised by our Pet First Aid and CPR-certified team, with water available at all times. From pick up to drop off at your home, your dog will be with The Long Leash Hike Club for approximately 2-3 hours. Your dog will return home physically and socially fulfilled, having been in company of good friends.

Fees are per dog, as there are a limited number of hiking spots available in The Long Leash Hike Club. Groups are chosen to complement energy level and personality. We offer small dog hikes, large dog hikes, and senior dog hikes.

To maintain safe routines and well-composed groups, we require dogs to group hike with us twice per week minimum. Come join the club!


Puppies have little bladders and big needs!
  • 30-minute puppy visit $23

During your puppy’s visits, we will build life skills through enrichment – comfort on leash, exposure to new noises, new surfaces, brushing, paw handling – all with an effort to build confidence and well-being.

We customize visit times based on your workday. We will enjoy indoor play, yard play, or adventure on small walks, depending on your pup’s age and ability. We will work closely with you to maintain consistent housetraining routine.

Rest assured, your pup’s impressionable months will be filled with love and confidence-building!

Believe me when I say they are the perfect combo of strength and heart and genius! I look like I’m water skiing when I walk my boy. They make it look easy. He has never been so confident! He waits by the front door all day everyday, or just stares at it waiting for them. I know my baby, I know it’s 10% the adventure, and 90% his love of The Long Leash. My baby boy is in love.

– Marci with Tonka, Pasadena

Leanne created a team of highly talented, heart-centered, compassionate pet people. If you are looking for the best pet loving people to take care of your animal(s), do what I did… call The Long Leash. You’ll be happy you did… and so will your pet.

– Richard with Billy, Altadena